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Diversity Award - Community Organization

The Family Place

The Family Place

The Family Place is a true model of an organization that promotes diversity, accepts and celebrates individual differences and makes it a priority to build and enhance relationships with diverse people and cultures. The organization believes that every family needs support and the services they provide are designed to benefit community members while ensuring that diverse populations are comfortable using their services.

The Family Place opened in Hyrum in 2014 with a focus of providing services to diverse groups, particularly the Latino community. The organization offers parenting classes in Spanish and holds numerous events for the Latino community including Day of the Dead celebrations, Zumba classes, dances, and informative gatherings on topics such as immigration. The Family Place employs many Spanish speakers, has a phone extension for Spanish speakers, posts job openings in English and Spanish, and employs a Spanish-speaking receptionist. For clients who speak other languages, the organization works with translation technology to ensure all families are able to receive support. The Family Place works with closely with businesses who employee diverse populations by providing mini-workshops during lunch hours about working with and serving diverse populations.

Regular training is provided to The Family Place employees in order to create an environment that respects and accommodates the cultural diversity of the Cache Valley community. Many services are offered including child abuse shelter, Kid’s Place emergency child care, Kid’s Place therapeutic child center, therapy, trauma interventions, and educational classes. The organization also offers free child care for those attending English-learning or citizen classes at the English Language Center of Cache County. The Family Place also works with refugees from Burma and Somalia, taking particular care to learn about their cultural differences, history and customs in order to make sure they are well respected and comfortable while receiving services from the organization.