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Diversity Award - Staff

Jessica Roueche

Jessica Roueche

As a transaction specialist at USU Eastern, Blanding, Jessica Roueche has effectively served in an unofficial capacity as a study abroad liaison to the regional campuses where she works tirelessly to support non-traditional students during their journey to study abroad. Her work in this area has greatly diversified study abroad participation among persons typically underrepresented in this area, as well as with students from USU’s regional campuses.

Jessica helps oversee all aspects of the study abroad process. Because she believes in the value of the experience, she has helped students with the extensive paperwork of the application process, assisted with fundraising, sought out grants and scholarships to help cover expenses, and provided help with pre-departure preparation. In the 2016-17 school year, she initiated and organized the first ever Study Abroad Fair at the USU Eastern, Price campus. Jessica has had many study abroad, life-changing, learning experiences and she shares her experiences with honesty, energy, maturity and humility. 

In addition to her unofficial study abroad role, Jessica strengthens diversity of community through her mentorship of the Cultural Ambassador Performance program that performs traditional Native American, Latin and Polynesian dances. She also volunteers with the Global Community Leadership club on USU’s regional campuses where she will lead the study abroad Cambodia program in summer 2018.