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Diversity Award - Administrator

Raymond Veon

Raymond Veon

Through his extraordinary efforts with the USU Beverly Taylor Sorenson Arts Access Initiative in the Caine College of the Arts, Raymond Veon is changing the lives of children with disabilities throughout Cache Valley and beyond. Veon came to USU to launch the Arts Access Initiative, which centers on providing access to the arts for children with a wide range of disabilities. He also serves as assistant dean of arts education.

In working with USU students, Veon consistently, explicitly and publicly models methods of inquiry based on intellectual curiosity and the active, empathetic understanding of diverse individuals, communities, cultures and world-views. He actively seeks out and brings visiting artists and scholars of diverse backgrounds to work with Caine College of the Arts faculty, students and the local community. In all of his programming and teaching, Veon introduces non-majority imagery, culturally-based artistic practices and aesthetic viewpoints and takes advantage of teachable moments to challenge majority assumptions. This is woven into his everyday practices as a leader and teacher.

The Arts Access Initiative enhances community relations across a broad range of diverse groups and populations. Through his community outreach programs, Veon finds ways to bring people of different backgrounds together by providing opportunities for typically developing students to work side by side with students with disabilities.