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Diversity Award - Community Member

Lizette Cruz Villegas

Lizette Cruz Villegas

A well-known figure within the Latino community of Cache Valley, Lizette Cruz Villegas embraces diversity, service, inclusion, and teamwork. She desires to see the local Latino community flourish, and there are perhaps few Latinos in Cache Valley who have not been impacted by her public involvement.

Lizette is an ambitious community organizer who promotes diversity through the multiple community efforts in which she is involved. She has assisted the Northern Utah Hispanic Health Coalition with its health fair in what has become a central source of information for the Hispanic community and other ethnic minorities. She created and manages a Facebook page, La Pulguita, intended to inform the Latino community about what is happening in Cache Valley as well as with other important national and international issues facing the community. At the Logan Public Library, she has become an influential member of the Latino Library Council where she has organized multiple events for Hispanic families. Lizette also assists with the USU Extension bilingual program Food $ense that offers cooking and finance classes, and works with the university’s Sound Beginnings, a nonprofit organization that provides services to children with hearing loss.

As the community organizer for The Family Place, she has planned family and community friendly Latin American festivities to promote family unity and cultural pride. Known for her gifts of bringing people together regardless of their cultural background, she organizes events where people may share their cultural heritage through food, folk art, music and language all with the goal of furthering the local Latino community. Lizette desires to see the local Latino community flourish through the contribution of everyone’s individual talents. She believes every person has something unique to offer, and if each person adds their “granite de arena” their “grain of sand”, then together an entire beach can be created.