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Title IX Coordinator

The USU Title IX Coordinator's primary task is to ensure compliance with federal Title IX regulations regarding gender discrimination sexual misconduct. The Title IX Coordinator is an adjudicator and must remain impartial during the Title IX process, and we recommend that victims seek advocacy through SAAVI or CAPSA to provide emotional support. The Title IX office works closely with these organizations to minimize the impact of the process on victims while ensuring a thorough investigation. Any student, faculty or staff member, or applicant for admissions or education may contact the Title IX Coordinator.

USU's Title IX Coordinator

Hilary Renshaw 
435-797-1266 (ph) | 435-797-0291 (fax)

Hilary Renshaw

When to Contact the Title IX Coordinator

  • You have encountered gender discrimination, sexual harassment, sexual misconduct or sexual assault.
  • You think you may have encountered (either yourself or witnessed) sex discrimination, sexual harassment, sexual misconduct or sexual violence or assault and want to understand your options.
  • You learn of a situation that you believe may warrant investigation.
  • You want to seek guidance on possible informal remedies or administrative measures to de-escalate or alleviate a difficult situation.
  • You need help on how to handle a situation by which you are indirectly affected.
  • You have questions about USU's policies and procedures.